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Students' Project Page

Applying classroom knowledge to real-world projects is a vital component of the student experience. Through participation in a variety of team projects, students gain valuable insight into managing the technical, organizational and human aspects of building a complex endeavor. In addition to the immense satisfaction students derive from watching their designs become a reality, they learn from both their successes and disappointments how to contribute to and lead a team.

Using information from one of our Student Project Centers, inspired Web and software designers will find everything they need to design create projects. We have found the three key attributes of design are Simplicity, Elegance, Quality. Our students consult and advise with area small businesses to accomplish an extensive analysis and evaluation of business problems and make appropriate recommendations.

Students who wish to be recognized for their project may place their name and other identifying information about themselves on their Project Web site.

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Free Software - DreamSpark
Yes, it's still free. All U.S. students (and those from many other countries) can access this software through one of three methods:
When you select a product from DreamSpark Butler Community College is NOT listed but...
You can auto-verify through JourneyEd by going through the checkout process.
You can paper-verify through JourneyEd by sending a copy of your School ID, class schedule, and tuition receipt.

Free E-books for Visual Studio
C4F Developer Kit
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